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Turkish Store's gold and silver jewelry collection is unique from a design sense in that it seamlessly blends old world character with modern glamor. The delicate settings appear to wrap naturally around each stone, creating unusual and eye-catching shapes. Turkish jewelry collection includes Turkish silver jewelry and Turkish gold jewelry designs with ruby, emerald, agate, quartz and many other exquisite stones with high grade cubic zirconia stones thought to create positive change and to enrich the wearer's life with good fortune and happiness. Available in colors, each one of these delicate turkish silver jewelry pieces works equally well with casual daytime wear or elegant evening attire.

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Turkish gold jewelry has long been revered and coveted for its intricate techniques and styles, many of which date back to the Byzantine era. Jewelry, like the other art forms of that time, was known for its ornateness and often included colored gemstones, pearls, cloisonné enameling, filigreed gold mountings and intaglio carvings. Some of the techniques have been passed down for centuries, from master jewelers to their apprentices, requiring years of training and careful observation before even attempting to make a piece. Istanbul with its grand bazaar and 5000 jewelry shops and countless little ateliers is one of the biggest marketplaces for diamond jewelry and gold jewelry.

Our Turkish jewelry designs embrace the beauty of the past—in the present—with a piece from this special handmade turkish evil eye jewelry collection. Everywhere you look in Turkey or Greece; there is one common object in homes, offices, cars, and businesses. Many Turks and Greeks believe that the blue evil eye wards off evil thoughts and presence. This is not a superstition taken lightly in Turkey and the evil eye can be purchased in many forms including jewelry, ceramics, key rings, and trinkets.

Turkish Jewelry Store brought a different understanding of the concept of gold or silver jewelry fashion with the rare designs of Greek, Armenian and Turkish jewelry masters. Shop Online Retail and Wholesale Turkish Jewellery and Gifts from Istanbul Turkey.

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Turkish ceramic and tile art come to life again with the traditional motifs of clove and tulip figures.

A "palace art" with Iznik tiling can be described as a "folk art" listed in a line between Canakkale tile making an "urban art" in developing Kütahya tiles, its architectural decoration material, as well as in daily use goods production reached a very rich range of products and as well as the prevalence of the continuity has been one of the most important constituent parts of the Ottoman mosaic art.  Icons are mainly used in the Turkish ceramic and tile are tulips, fishes and ships. As well as a variety of floral motifs, birds and geometric shapes may be found. The most commonly used color is blue, red, turquoise and white. Production types include wall panels, plates, vases, bowls and pitchers. Original figurative works are performed by local ceramic artists. All ceramics are hand made and hand painted in the town of Kütahya, Turkey where a centuries long tradition of handmade and hand painted ceramics has survived.

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